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No. 7 Eunos Ave 8A
Eunos Industrial Estate , Singapore
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+65 - 6742 4466
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+65 - 6741 4666

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QUICSEAL 331 - Epogrip PE
Heavy duty, epoxy chemical adhesive, injection mortar for solid base materials. QUICSEAL 331 is a two-component injection mortar that works well in dry and wet holes. It is designed for use in concrete, stone, solid bricks for wide variety of applications. It is recommended for structural applications with reinforcing bars in new construction or refurbishment works

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QUICSEAL 514 - Easi-Patch
QUISEAL 514 EASI-PATCH is a two-component repair mortar consisting of a synthetic resin mixed with a blend of selected cement and well-graded filler. When mixed, QUICSEAL 514 becomes a workable mortar and is easily applied by trowel. The cured mortar is durable and weather resistant and has excellent adhesion to concrete substrates. Its polymer modification provides good resistant to water and good protection to embedded steel reinforcement.

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QUICSEAL 510 - Non-Shrink Grout
QUICSEAL 510 Grout is a supplied as ready to use cementitious non-shrink grout specially formulated to suit various purposes. QUICSEAL 510 is a non-metallic and chloride free and is easy to use, requiring addition of water to produce a free flowing non-shrink grout.

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QUICSEAL 301 - Epoxy Mortar
Two-part high strength epoxy mortar for repairs, bedding and fixing. QUISEAL 301 is a two-component product, premixed with selected graded aggregates / epoxy resins & additives which when mixed, produces a high strength impermeable and chemically resistant mortar. The base / hardener are in different colours to provide visual confirmation of adequate and proper mixing on site.

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QUICSEAL 401 - Contro-Crac
QUICSEAL 401 is made from high impact rigid polyvinyl chloride material. QUICSEAL 401 is manufactured for controlled crack inducement and joint forming in airport taxiways / parking aprons and concrete paved areas. It is introduced where levelled groove edge is required to prevent concrete spalling caused by heavy point loading.

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